Thursday, February 22, 2007

justaparker spreads lies on

On justaparker is fanning the rumor started by Proviso Insider.

For some reason this rumor started three days after I called out the Forest Park Police
Department for mistreating Clarence Davis of Proviso Probe

As I have written before I was out of the country on the date Proviso Insider claims I pleaded guilty. I had been out of the country since December, 1989.

The people fanning this rumor are either maliciously irresponsible or simply liars.

How am I suppose to prove a negative? An anonymous person (Proviso Insider) posts information on a blog. Proviso Insider is a known liar. In September, 2006 Proviso Insider claimed I was about to receive a subpoena.

I didn't receive a subpoena because I didn't do anything illegal. And board members Charles Flowers and Theresa Kelly didn't do anything illegal. Nothing in the law makes it criminal for board members to discuss information from closed session.

There are numerous other examples of Proviso Insider lying. But hey, who cares about the truth when a lie with help keep the wrong people from participating in government.

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